The electric spindle is the core component of the high-speed machining machine. The correct use and maintenance of the electric spindle has an extremely important influence on the processing precision of the high-speed machining machine and the extension of the service life. We only remind you that the following points will be able to improve the use and maintenance of the electric spindle.
     1 Do not use compressed air to clean the electric spindle to avoid bringing dust into the gap of the spindle, thus damaging the spindle bearing;
     2 When cleaning the area around the electric spindle, although the spindle stops, the machine tool should be energized, and ensure that the spindle bearing is in the air curtain protection state;
     3 During the use of the electric spindle, note that the cutting fluid should be placed on the cutting tool, not on the spindle shaft end;
     4 The tool attached to the electric spindle must be cleaned regularly with a clean soft cloth to avoid dust from entering the spindle cone. Even if it is not used, a handle should be kept on the spindle to protect the spindle taper.
     5 new or more than one month of unused electric spindle, must start to work at low speed, it is best to pre-heat the spindle;
     6 In order to ensure the high precision of the electric spindle, only the precise dynamic balance standard tool can be used in high-speed operation. For high-precision cutting, it is best to preheat the electric spindle for 30 minutes to achieve thermal stability.
     If you can do the above in the process of using and maintaining the electric spindle, it is bound to achieve twice the result with half the effort, you may wish to try. Finally, the Star Wheel needs to remind you that the electric spindle can’t be overloaded under any circumstances, you must keep this in mind.


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