The failure rate of reducing the operation of the electric spindle is related to the proficiency of the operator. On the other hand, it is related to the steps of installation, cleaning and maintenance of the electric spindle. The star wheel is divided into three points to tell you how the error rate is. reduce.
     1. We need to connect the inlet and outlet pipes of the electric spindle according to the corresponding requirements. Also, if we have any water leakage, the cooling system must be continuously operated from the start to the stop. The coolant should be used separately. A water tank and the coolant is replaced every month. We need to match the power, frequency and voltage of the inverter and the electric spindle. The current of the inverter should be set according to the current of the motor spindle.
     2. When the electric spindle is being loaded, we need to clean the taper holes on the shaft head, and also clean the dirt on the upper surface of the spring chuck, so that the accuracy can be effectively prevented. To clamp the electric spindle nut, we must be careful not to use too much force. In addition, the bearing that contacts the ball has a speed limit, so the electric spindle cannot be overspeeded. If it is overspeed, the bearing of the precision contactor will burn out.
     3. If you hear an abnormal sound inside the electric spindle, then we must check him and touch the electric spindle for heat and vibration. If there is any, we have to carry out shutdown check, then look at the quality of the processing. stable.
     The above brief introduction helps you to control the error rate of the electric spindle operation from three aspects, and cooperate with the skilled skills of the staff. It is believed that the error rate can be greatly reduced, and it is also a kind of protection for the electric spindle.


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