Two cooling methods for high speed electric spindle

Before, Star Wheel introduced to you that when the high-speed electric spindle is working, the built-in motor and the rolling bearing will generate a lot of heat during the rotation process. Because the electric spindle is compact, the gap is small, and the spontaneous heat dissipation effect is weak. If it is not distributed in time, it will cause different degrees of thermal expansion between the internal parts of the electric spindle, which will affect the performance parameters such as the stiffness and machining accuracy of the electric spindle, and will seriously affect the service life of the spindle. In ... Read Mores

Do a good job in the use and maintenance of these electric spindles.

The electric spindle is the core component of the high-speed machining machine. The correct use and maintenance of the electric spindle has an extremely important influence on the processing precision of the high-speed machining machine and the extension of the service life. We only remind you that the following points will be able to improve the use and maintenance of the electric spindle.      1 Do not use compressed air to clean the electric spindle to avoid bringing dust into the gap of the spindle, thus damaging the spindle bearing;      2 When cleaning the area around the electric spindle, although the ... Read Mores

How to reduce the error rate of electric spindle operation

The failure rate of reducing the operation of the electric spindle is related to the proficiency of the operator. On the other hand, it is related to the steps of installation, cleaning and maintenance of the electric spindle. The star wheel is divided into three points to tell you how the error rate is. reduce.      1. We need to connect the inlet and outlet pipes of the electric spindle according to the corresponding requirements. Also, if we have any water leakage, the cooling system must be continuously operated from the start to the stop. The coolant should be used separately. ... Read Mores
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